Extracts, alcohols, compost: nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

EXTRACTS: polyphenols from grape seeds and pomace

Since 2017, in partnership with industrialists and research laboratories, we have been investing heavily in Research & Development and developing proprietary processes for extracting, purifying and fractionating grape molecules (pips, skins, stalks, pomace) without solvents or sulphites.

We produce unique, customised grape extracts with a high concentration of polyphenols, including the most active molecules (catechin monomers, dimers, OPC), rich in anthocyanins and stilbenes.

Our extracts are increasingly sought-after ingredients in the various end markets: nutraceuticals, cosmetics, wine, human food and animal feed.

Our fractionating proprietary processes enable us to produce customised extracts and combinations, as well as our standard range of products.

They are available in powder or liquid form, according to your needs.

Our products meet the highest quality standards and certifications:

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In order to ensure that circularity and short circuits do not remain a pious hope, we produce a compost with high biological added value for the vines, from the organic residues of our extractions. This is the third life of by-products.

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From liquid co-products (wine, must deposits, lees, final pressed juices…), our distillation know-how produces wine brandies, vinic distillate and wine distillate, for the bio-fuel, spirits and perfume markets.

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